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-This is an adult-oriented game, anyone under the age of 18 shouldn't play this game-

Extended Stay is a monster-girl brothel management sim where you must keep your guests satisfied to succeed. By satisfying your guests you'll unlock sex scenes and earn money to keep your brothel in business. As your brothel grows you'll be able to buy more employees, unlock new races and costumes, and attract wealthier guests.

- 16 Fully interactive sex scenes.
- View each sex scene through an immersive POV perspective.
- Randomly generated quests & characters.
- 12 unique monster girl races to choose from.
- Customize your characters with a large array of clothing and accessories.

Every Character and guest in Extended Stay is completely randomly generated from breast size to personality and sexual preference. Every employee you hire will fill a unique role in your brothel satisfying specific desires for your guests. As your employees work they'll gain experience and gain a better skill-set to please your guests, they'll also become attracted to other employees you've hired. Once an employee gains enough attraction you'll be able to pair two employees together in a sex scene of your choosing. The sex scenes in Extended Stay are fully interactive, putting you in control of the action, using your mouse you can control the speed and motion of all 16 unique sex positions.

Try the demo here.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHearts Club
Tags18, 3D, Adult, Character Customization, Erotic, Furry, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Can you make a Mac version please!

Need chinese!

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When I start the game, it says my video memory isn't enough, even though I closed EVERYTHING. is there a work around to THAT?

cant get pasted the main menu as it appears glitchy, bought from here and steam and still nothing, i did try changing the X Y to my monitors size but still nothing, any help

This game Kick starts VR, be warned


Your able to make a custom character at the beginning, but can you make more at some point in the game? I'd like to have all of my staff just be custom characters.


I agree that would be a nice option.

For now, there is a partial workaround.

Start a new game, make a custom character, and then on the employee management tab, export that character. Do this for any characters you want to create. Then start another new game, and import all those characters. They will become available for hire. They keep their stats and will be priced accordingly---so if you import a high-level character, you probably can't afford them!

I think currently you can only customize humans, felines, and catgirl/boys this way though, since those are the races available at the start. But at least you could have an all-catgirl resort or something like that.


Will the people who bought it on here get keys for the steam version?


Im not sure if its a bug or feature, but there are like, days where no customer shows up at all and idk what to do

my girls and stuff are ok but no one shows up and I make no money, game over by third week cuz of this

also in the scenes, had to break the mouse to select stuff as the cusor would not interact with anything


I agree that there are too many days without customers. Maybe once in awhile that would be okay, but in general if you're going to lose it should be because you didn't satisfy your customers, not because none ever showed up.


Hi I bought the game but I cant get past the main screen there is some text slightly off view and when I try to look at it it stays in the same position also what controls are used for the game?


Your games seems pretty cool ! Could I make a letsplay video of it ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenues from that by posting it on porn tube websites ^^)


im kid


then wtf are you doing here


cuz fnf got popular




Just curious, any chance having purchased here will net a Steam key?


Why my GPU is dying to play this particular game

Deleted 211 days ago

The Selection bug still persists, now it happens every time you switch employees


Would you consider doing a android port ?

i had to uninstall the oculus software to get this to open properly. it would force it to start in VR. that's a major bug you might want to fix lol.

Unplug your oculus. I dont get any forceful openings of the Oculus app (Neither does it try to run the game through the headset).

I came here to post about this issue as well, as this seems to be common on many recently released games. You can solve this problem by creating a shortcut and adding -nohmd to the path. 

Did your patreon get taken down or something

Same question, I'm not seeing it

I closed the patreon after the release of extended stay.

So, are you still fixing bugs then? or are you done with the game completely?


Im working on a new build that will be out this month sometime.

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Not a bug, but more of a complaint. The rent system seems to rise too quickly to feel manageable, often resulting in playthroughs not lasting any longer than 3-4 ingame payments. It doesn't make it unplayable, but it dose make it REALLY hard sometimes.

(also it would be nice to filter the gender of what guests visit)

A lot of people complain about the rent system; I think most of them expanded too quickly. Your rent won't actually rise unless you build new facilities or hire new employees.

Buying items is a better use of your initial funds, so you can get the most out of a few employees. Wait until you have some savings before you expand.

I totally agree about being able to filter the gender of your guests though. I think a lot of players would prefer to have only certain gender combinations in their scenes.


will it be released on steam because if so then you got a purchase

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1. the amount of EXP of all employees getting lost by playing a animation or save and load, and those assign to the stripe club

2. guests with the same name shering the satisfaction

Thanks for the report I'll look into fixing that asap.

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trying to load the game after clicking continue on an ultrawide and a standard moniter results in this screen

You may have to change your resolution in the GameSettings.ini. Navigate to C: > Users > *your name* > AppData > Local > Extended_Stay > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor. Then open GameUserSettings.ini in notepad, find ResolutionSizeX= and ResolutionSizeY= and set their values to your monitors resolution. Finally find "FullscreenMode=0" and replace it with "FullscreenMode=2", save and launch Extended Stay and it should launch in a usable resolution.

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After (no joke) an hour of trouble shooting trying different resolutions, turning random setting true and false i found the issue.

It will allways try to run at the Oculus Rift's Resolution so you have to close ALL oculus programs down in task manager.

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I found two bugs.

First is that cat boys/girls don't spawn, at all.

Second is that occasionally, if you are on the service page and then go to the page to hire new employees and then back, And then service a client. The game will occasionally force you to look at another client. (not sure how else to word this one)

that's all I found so far, I'll keep you posted if I find more (assuming I can make enough money to get that far XD)

Thanks for letting me know, I'll put out a hotfix in a few hours.

Still getting issues with servicing clients, now the same bug happens but at random.


I'll have to see what I can do to fix this in the next patch.

for a workaround, until fixing, after you servicing a client click on the client as fast as yuo can, then it shoul be fine for a while